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What’s The Meaning of Ex-UK?

Everyone desires to get a top-of-the-line machine when it comes to purchasing a new laptop. One may have to drop a significant amount of money to be amazed by the power, speed, and digital agility. However, there are those on the other side who wish to get these amazing laptop features for a more reasonable and affordable price. The only logical option is the refurbished laptops and perhaps EX-UK laptops/second-hand laptops.

Ex-UK laptops also known as Second hand laptops are laptop machines that have been used before, only that they have been reconditioned/upgraded after repair by the manufacturer. Get the best EX-UK laptops in Kenya from Dove Computers.



The number one reason is that these kinds of laptops are affordable and helps you save more money. Ex-UK laptops are a whole lot affordable as compared when buying the same product when it is still new. Fortunately, these kinds of laptops are packed with better specifications thus they sometimes tend to be of a higher quality for example Lenovo X1 Carbon. It is also worth noting that choosing to purchase Ex-UK laptops allows you to get more than one item for the same amount that buying one item new would have cost. Relatively, you as the buyer can get the same or better functionality as the new model for a much affordable price. Second hand laptop price in Kenya varies depending on the type of machine and specs for example HP Elitebook 2560p core i5 4GB/320GB cost 23,000 whereas Dell e7420 core i5 4GB/128GB SSD cost 30,000. You can also get refurbished laptops in Kenya for as low as KES 15,000.

Second Hand Laptops

Everyone loves a good bargain. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a product for a fraction of the price especially for the Second hand laptop price in Kenya. The excitement that comes with it is undoubtedly satisfying. However, you may not find the exact laptop you are looking for but it may be something very similar.

You as the buyer can get more for your money. Sometimes people may be drawn to a specific brand over other ones. It helps to take your time to explore your options and have a look. This will help you to have a wider choice and you may discover a brand that you are not aware of. Moreover, that laptop may be just as good quality or even better.


At the time, you may not even think about it but buying an Ex-UK laptop helps the environment. New items require manufacturing, transport, and packaging that eventually end up in several landfills. In one way or another, that’s basically damaging the environment. If you consider everything consumed and thrown away daily, it isn’t surprising that the environment is getting affected. Therefore, buying these Ex-UK laptops that may have ended up being thrown away prevents environment preservation and conservation by eliminating reaching landfills.


Ex-UK laptops are always customizable as they are not tied to the warranty. You as the buyer may be looking for a laptop with very specific features such as RAM, ROM, etc. The laptop can be customized to your specific needs i.e. you can increase the RAM storage, increase the ROM space or even switch to SSDs.

On The Other Side of EX-UK Laptops…

In as much as Ex-UK laptops have their benefits, it is also important to note the cons that come with purchasing them. There are still some issues related to them and they include;


Note warranty is given to Ex-UK laptops for a maximum of 3 months therefore if it breaks down after the warranty is over repair cost is taken care of by the buyer. Consequently, it is very important to take your time and look for flaws or damages from the laptop so as to minimize the chances of going at a loss. Refurbished laptops in Kenya have a 6-month warranty.


These Ex-UK laptops always appear as new as new laptop models. It is almost impossible to see or detect flaws at the first glance. Remember that these Ex-UK laptops are used laptops, and refurbished laptops are reconditioned and repaired. Before making the final decision to purchase, rigorously inspect them to ensure they function as they are supposed to.


Often buyers consume a lot of time and effort to searching for an exact laptop they desire considering it is Ex-UK. There are numerous Ex-UK laptops/ second with very different specifications. Finding the one that is suitable for you may be quite tedious and time-consuming since even after picking one out of the many, you still have to inspect it thoroughly. Therefore, this process demands your patience.


It is common knowledge that when it comes to such a situation where one wants to buy a laptop, often he or she will want to purchase a new one. Most times, you will not think of spending your money on a used item as the preference is to get a brand new laptop. Therefore, many are simply not willing to buy Ex-UK laptops in Kenya.

Should You Buy Ex-UK Laptops?

From the above discussion, there are a number of benefits and disadvantages of purchasing Ex-UK laptops. From my opinion and based on cost and environment, you should definitely buy more Ex-UK laptops as long as you take the necessary precautions, i.e. thorough inspection and testing before purchase.


At the end of the day, it boils down to making a choice based on whatever floats the buyer’s boat the most. The key factor being squeezing as much value out of the laptop purchase. Dove computers have the best EX-UK/ Second hand and refurbished laptops for sale in Kenya for low prices. Here is a link to see some of the Second hand laptop prices in Kenya and Second hand laptops for sale.


Second hand laptops for sale in Kenya include;

HP 340 G1 core i5 4GB 500 GB HDD @ 33,000



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