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3-PACK - Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light


Key Features

  • Ideal Lighting
  • Automatic illumination
  • Energy efficient
  • Warm white LED
  • Motion sensor



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Same day delivery on orders before 4pm

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Product Specifications.

Where to buy 3-PACK – Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light

The following are the specs of the 3-PACK – Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light  in Kenya.

  • IDEAL LIGHTING: It provides the ultimate amount of glare-free lighting to guide you in the dark.
  • AUTOMATIC ILLUMINATION: When light sensor perceives darkness, motion sensor activates lighting when movement is detected.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Three AAA batteries (not included) provide soft illumination for up to a year.
  • NIGHTTIME NAVIGATION: Eliminates need to turn on blinding lights in the middle of the night.

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Lumi is Camera Shy

Avoid installing in places that directly face an infrared beam.

Lumi Doesn’t Like Change

Avoid removing after sticking to a surface; the adhesive will be less effective if used again.

Lumi Likes Personal Space

Keep a minimum distance of 5 ft when installing multiple units.

Bye Bye Stubbed Toes

When the lights go out, motion sensors ensure Lumi provides illumination when you need it most.
A wide 120° field of view detects movement up to 10 ft away, giving you light before you need it.

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