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Epson LQ690 Dot Matrix Printer

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• Durable, 24 pin, 106 column, medium duty flatbed dot matrix printer
• Prints up to 440 cps (10 cpi) at High Speed Draft
• Print Speed Enhancer: Fast printing of bit image data under Windows® environment
• High reliability at mean time between failure of 20,000 hours
• High ribbon yield of 10 million characters
• High memory buffer of 128 Kbytes
• Low power consumption
• Copy capability of one original + 6 copies
• Compact design


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Product specifications

Wondering where to get the lowest Epson LQ690 printer price in Nairobi, Kenya?

The Epson LQ690 printer promises to be a revolutionary printer really admirable features in speed, high ribbon yield, dependability, user-friendliness and reliability, all guaranteed by the Epson promise of utmost quality nad low cost printing technology. The Epson LQ690 Dot Matrix printer has probably the longest ribbon replacement cycles of the dot matrix printers offered by Epson. With a printing speed of up to 529 cps (12cpi), you can’t go wrong in choosing the LQ690 printer.


High Ribbon Yield 
In a demanding and fast-moving work environment, a high ribbon yield is essential, and with 10 million characters per ribbon, this marks out the LQ-690 as a leading force in the flatbed market. It is also cost-effective with long ribbon replacement cycles, low running costs and total cost of ownership.
Durable and built to last, users will be assured by the MTBF (mean time between failures) of 20,000 power on hours, plus a print head life of 400 million strokes/wire. This results in greater productivity and less maintenance – essential when producing large amounts of documents and data.
Epson LQ690 printer
Designed with the dot matrix user in mind, the Epson LQ690 printer has an impressive print speed of up to 440 cps. This flexible and compact printer can easily handle cut sheets, continuous paper, labels, envelopes and cards. It has a built-in Print Speed Enhancer to increase the speed of bit image printing, making it an ideal printer for those in the most demanding of work environments.

Functionality of the Epson LQ690 printer

The Epson Lq690 has the best performance where its needed most:

  • User-friendliness
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • High ribbon yield

The Lq690 is all-round, handling cutting sheets, continuous paper, labels, envelopes and cards. Also, its compact size allows you to fit it anywhere you want to.


Quickly get on with your work because of how quick and easy it is to set up.
The compact size allows you to fit anywhere
It requires very little maintenance. Also, it has great productivity when producing large amounts of documents and data
Enjoy its low power consumption hence better for the environment


The Epson LQ690 printer is speedy and effective with print speeds up to 529 cps (12cpi).
Additionally, high throughput speed and the ability to handle different media.
As a matter of fact, its print speed enhancer increases the speed of bit image printing and resident fonts in letter quality mode. Making the printer ideal for those who demand high productivity from their dot matrix printer
Also, with little reduction in resolution, the speed is increased significantly. Perfect for those printing from windows applications, Ms Word, Power point, Excel and PDF documents.


With a MTBF (mean time between failure) of 20,000 power on hours, the Epson LQ690 printer wins its competitors. A high yield MFBF means less trouble and maintenance which in turn increases productivity. Built to last, the print head life of 400 million strokes/wire ensures reliable printouts. Given the high MTBF and print head life, LQ690 offers uninterrupted operation and less maintenance.

High Ribbon Yield

At 10 million characters per ribbon, the LQ690 has the highest ribbon yield in the flatbed category. The benefits are endless, replacement cycles, low running cost and lower cost of ownership.


The Epson LQ690 is compatible with most if not all operating systems.
Finally, with your Epson LQ690, you can most definitely bid cartridges goodbye.
Get yourself the Epson LQ690 and enjoy this reliable, cost effective and extremely effective printer.
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