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TECNO L9, comes with an amazing super power button that you can use to configure your phone set up. Just press the supper button on the left side of the phone whether it is standby or running. The phone will be entered into power saving mode immediately, which saves the power for tasks you deem most important. Customize the button to create shortcut for launching the camera, switching on or off.



L9 features a superior 13MP AF camera in the back and a 5MP camera in the front, giving your day-to-day photo and video shooting a professional edge. The fingerprint quick snap technology allows you to use the fingerprint sensor as a shutter button in capturing the amazing moments instantly.

Light Speed Charge

L9 takes your worries away even if the phone is draining the last juice. Over a cup of coffee, it takes in enough juice to sustain your upcoming tasks. With the advanced light speed charging technology, it delivers current to the phone at blazing-fast speed without safety concern. Charging at the output of 5V2A, it delivers maximum 10W charging power.


L9 makes itself a natural part of your stylish life, sporting an exquisite metal body and dazzling a remarkably 4.2mm metal body in the thinnest part. Advanced metal processing technology and first-class craftsmanship have been used in crafting the phone to present its exceptionally visual beauty. You will be amazed at the comfortable grip brought forward.


2.5D glass has been used to make the 5.5” IPS screen. Slightly curved in the edges, the screen creates a stunningly seamless look where it meets the phone body. All colors are accurately represented to revive the images and give you a true-to-life feeling. The screen displays steadily indoors and in the sunshine, so your eyes won’t feel stressed after long hours of playing.


Your fingerprint is the only password you’ll need to unlock the phone. So there is no more memorizing a password or risking your private information. At a single touch, the phone will finish reading your fingerprint and usher you to the most exciting mobile life. Or slightly touch the fingerprint sensor in camera mode to take amazing pictures in no time.


Your phone is running on the latest Android 7.0, which ensures that you can fully enjoy a smart life without the frustration of unnecessary information. You will be excited to use the more simplified and powerful system. Besides allowing you to personalize setting and notifications, it gives you enhanced speed, much longer battery life and smarter app management.


Built with a high density 4000mAh battery, L9 powers your work and entertainment dynamically. You can edit files, play games or stream videos for as long as 3 days without recharging. As it stays alive on the go, you won’t miss anything important. OTG capable, you can activate reverse charging to keep other USB devices active along the journey. L9 provides you an ultimate smartphone experience.

Fun and Easy to use

T-Point is a user-eccentric app that creates shortcuts for apps you frequently use, like Camera, TECNO Spot, Call and Facebook. It removes the distance between you and your favorite apps so you can enjoy the exciting features without delay. Customize the shortcuts to access your favorite apps at ease and fully control your smart life. With fewer steps, L9 enhances your productivity and makes your daily life a lot more fun.
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