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Powerology 500W Portable Power Generator With 140400mAh Capacity

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Where to buy Powerology 500W Portable Power Generator With 140400mAh Capacity and Price

The Powerology power generator is a travel power must have with  more than 140,000 to charge all your daily essentials. It comes with multiple output ports for easy use. Also the 140400mAh Li-Ion battery can be recharged easily by plugging into wall sockets  or a solar panel. The following is a YouTube review video for  Portable Power Generator.

Specs and Price For Powerology Portable Power Generator with 140400 mAh in Kenya

The following are specifications and features for Powerology Portable Power Generator with 140400 mAh in Nairobi Kenya.

140000+ mAh Battery Capacity

The 140400 mAh capacity can charge your phone, laptop, and even portable fridge multiple times. light up your night with Powerology’s 500w portable power generator. Powerology’s 500w portable power supply is useful and practical for the moment that there are no power sources at your service. Stay longer on road trips, enjoy more in nature, and never lose the power.

More ports more functions

This amazing 500w portable power supply generator is able to charge almost all your devices, anytime, anywhere. Charging opportunity for all your devices in one powerhouse. One AC port, 3 USB-A ports, one USB-C, One Car outlet, and one solar charging port. All charging options have been included to keep your charge up in your journeys

Monitor Panel

LCD indicator will notify about the generator status while is working. By monitoring the LCD Display Stay conscious of what is happening. The battery level will be visible to indicate the current charge status.

Overheat Protection

Temperature warnings act as an alarm in an over-heat situation. The over-Load option keeps your devices safe. Input shows the amount of power going to the generator and output shows the amount of power your device receives from the generator.

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