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Micros Money Counter-21803



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Are you looking for money counter with solid performance, resolving the task at hand with speed and precision in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya?

You are at the right place, enjoy the best prices at Dove Computers Kenya today. We offer free delivery withing Nairobi. This counter is a compact and fast enabling you to serve your customers quickly while maintaining accuracy of the money paid.
Keeping track of cash with a money counter is miles better than doing the job manually. Besides increased efficiency, is so much more accurate to rely on a powerful machine that also comes with important security features to detect counterfeit bills. A money counter is pretty much essential for anyone who wishes to run a business as smoothly as possible.

Product Description

  • Universal bill counter and detector;
  • Automatic start and stop;
  • 900 pcs/min High counting speed;
  • UV and MG (optional) function;
  • Ultra wide adjustable currency entrance,
  • adapt to currency from most countries.

Why Money Counter MC 21803

1. Capacity

With more capacity comes a speedier counting process. To operate your business more efficiently you should take this model that can hold at least 200 banknotes.

2. Counterfeit detection

Almost every money counter offers at least some form of counterfeit detection. There are special functions which can detect magnetic and ultraviolet inks from the bills, as all the authentic banknotes have them. For the best results, it’s recommended to get this counter which uses both magnetic and ultraviolet detection.

3. Speed

This obviously depends on your personal needs but, as a general rule, the faster the better. Pick this  money counter which goes over 900 bills per minute for a really efficient and speedy counting process.
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