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Barco CX-20 Set

Barco CX-20 Set

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  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration
  • Triple agnostic: works with any device, and UC technology and any brand of AV peripheral.
  • Enhanced security
  • Delivered with 1 Conferencing Button


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Barco CX-20 Set is now available in Nairobi for the best price only at Dove Computers.

Barco CX-20 Set now available for the best price only at Dove Computers. We also offer free delivery in Nairobi within the CBD and at an affordable price outside Nairobi.

Start a huddle meeting from your device.

Clickshare CX-20 brings seamless one-click wireless conferencing. It’s easier than ever to start hybrid huddle meetings from your device. With our agnostic wireless room system, you start a hybrid huddle meeting from your laptop, using your preferred conference tool, in less than seven seconds. Walk in, connect automatically to room devices like cameras, mics, speakers, sound bars, saving time and maximizing efficiency. Make hybrid collaboration flow with only one click. For employees and guests.

Decide how you want to collaborate.

Clickshare CX-20 provides you with exceptional flexibility and choice, enabling you to decide just how you want to collaborate. Plug & play with the Clickshare Button and choose for smart, intent-based meeting flows powered by the App to make your meetings intuitive and interactive. Both facilitate a user experience that’s both straightforward and consistent. Enjoy useful features like local view of the room display and calendar integration.

Clickshare CX-20 is also tech-agnostic and fully compatible with your conferencing platform (UC) technology and a wide range of USB-peripherals. Additional features such as local view of the room display help you to optimize your one-click meeting experience.

Better hybrid meetings

Smart intent-based meeting flows make your meeting experience stress-free. Walk into the room, you immediately see if the room is available or booked. Automatically connect to the meeting room (Present Sense ultrasound proximity detection) or plug in a Button. Clickshare guides you as a host or participant (Host Flow). Start the meeting from your personal calendar with a single click (One-Click-Join).

Share your presentation, keep track of remote participant’s video, side by side (Conference View). Share full screen or application window, while keeping your laptop screen private for note taking. When you end the call, the meeting room becomes a digital signage display.

Enhanced security and seamless integration

A set of IT friendly features makes Clickshare Conference a perfect fit to any enterprise environment. Clickshare Conference, excelling in enhanced security, seamlessly integrates in any IT- network. With the XMS (Cloud) Management Platform you enjoy easy management of units, intuitive user experiences and clear analytics to drive your digital workplace.

For practical questions on network deployment of the Clickshare Conference range, check our technical support or get in touch with your Barco contact.

You can have Clickshare in your meeting rooms without delay, thanks to strong inventory levels for all models.

Barco CX-20 Review.