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Shop Online Now for All Your Computer Accessories, Networking accessories, Stationery and Office Supplies from Dove Computers

Are you considering shopping online for electronics and computer accessories in Nairobi, Kenya? Think Dove Computers. We stock a massive variety of networking accessories, stationery and office supplies, electronics, laptops and desktops on sale, phones and tablets. Our products are trusted by leading corporates in Nairobi and all over the country as well as single unit buyers from all over.

As a leading online electronics and computers store, Dovecomputers.co.ke is built on the premise of trust, honesty, affordability, variety and customer satisfaction. We are committed to your needs and are here to serve you and make it easy for you to shop online for electronics and computer accessories that you need at home, in the office or in setting up your remote office.

Over the years, we have expanded our online computer shop portfolio to include products that were originally not available without compromising quality or implementing unreasonable prices.

We are among the leaders revolutionizing online shopping in Kenya and offering affordable and user-friendly online shopping experiences with products from a variety of scopes including laptops and desktops for sale, computer accessories, networking accessories, stationery and office supplies, phones and tablets, printers and inks, and other security and safety components that are typically used in offices and homes.

Dove Computers is your leading online computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s now possible to enjoy the latest products in the computing accessories and computing world from our online computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya and get all your products delivered to your doorstep. We have all the accessories you need for your computers including POS devices, computer printers, desktops, laptops, computer scanners, etc.

We stock the latest products, whether new or refurbished and if you are considering a retail or wholesale purchase, Dove Computers must be your top choice.

Get all your networking accessories, stationeries and office supplies from Dove Computers Online Shop

Whether you are looking for large scale networking equipment like routers, cabinets, switches, access points, antennas, media converters or patch panels, or small-scale single unit purchase, Dove Computers is here for you.

We also stock all the top of the class computer accessories, stationaries such as printers, toners & cartridges, point of sale, ETR machines, printer supplies, projectors & screens, scanners, shredders, binding machines, laminators and blowers.

We have in store products from all the leading brands such as Lg, Logitech, Epson, cannon, Datecs, etc.

Shop online for phones and tablets from Dove Computers online shop

You can now buy your phones from all your favorite manufacturers right from our online shop. We stock all the leading mobile phones and tablet brands from all over the world such as Apple iPhones, LG, Nokia, Gionee, Samsung, Tecno, and Xiaomi.

Warranties For Products

All our products, from computer accessories, networking accessories to printers and inks, have warranty ranging from 6 months to 3 years. This is on per product basis and varies with the type of product. Please inquire about warranties before you purchase any product if you are not sure.


We deliver all our products to all the major towns and cities in Kenya.


All our prices are exclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise. We retain the rights to alter our pricing, descriptions, specifications without notice.


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