Looking for a computer & electronics shop in Nairobi, Kenya?

Dove Computers is a fully stocked electronics & computers shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

What are our customers saying

I am a delighted repeat customer over quite a long period of time! Kathy and her team at Dove computers have always gone out of their way to deliver beyond my expectations. They are reasonably priced and best value comes from having your order served right. I personally consider them a trustworthy business entity that I choose to support.
I definitely recommend Dove Computers to family and friends.
Total value for money.
I am very satisfied & happy to have found Dove Computers as my IT solutions partner.
From their computers, hard drives &Softwares to say the least, they guarantee quality and top notch customer service.
I would highly recommend Dove Computers.
Dove Computers is a brand I can swear by, owing to the number of laptops and accessories I have bought there (charger/mouse/antivirus) over the years, at very competitive prices and without any disappointments.
Keep up the excellent customer service!

Dove Computers has reliably provided me with IT solutions for the last 6 years. They have competitive pricing, quality products, and responsive service. I trust them to get it sorted!

For a busy architectural firm a robust and reliable in-house network is of at most importance. Dove networking solutions have greatly improved our production and efficiency. Their hardware and IT accessories are of good quality and fairly priced. They deliver to our office and on time which is convenient for us. The customer service was a delightful experience as well, always ready and available for follow-up support.

Why Dove Computers?

We are dedicated to make electronics & computer affordable for all. We also make sure that our clients get 100% support on their purchased computers. At dove, we are always in touch with any new developments in the technical computer industry. This enables us to update both our existing and new clients with the new developments.

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