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Are looking for where to shop online for HDMI to VGA Cable at an affordable price in Nairobi, or elsewhere in Kenya?
Get shopping for HDMI to VGA Cable online from Dove Computers, the leading Computers Accessories dealer in Nairobi, Kenya. Our HDMI to VGA Cables are fully functional and offered at very competitive prices, whether for HDMI to VGA Cable wholesale or buying HDMI to VGA Cable in single units.

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Overview HDMI to VGA Cable
Most times, these cables used to connect devices producing digital signals that need to b displayed on devices that show analog signals. You will need an adapter if the devices are unable to convert the signals transmitted and displayed among them.
These cables are one-way transmission cables and if you need to send digital signals to be displayed on the analogue device, the revers (VGA to HDMI cable) won’t work. In such an arrangement, the display end- Tv or monitor represents the VGA end.
These cables are ideal for use in high-definition DVD players, TV sets, HDTV receivers, A/V receivers and projectors as well as other HDMI-equipped devices.
The best options for these Cables are those gold-plated connectors that ensure stable and superior signal transfer. These cables can transmit video signals of up to 1024 x 768-pixel resolution