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Buy ethernet cables at an affordable price in Kenya only at Dove Computers.

Ethernet cables are a type of network cable used to connect devices such as computers, routers, switches, and other networking equipment to a local area network (LAN). It consists of four pairs of twisted copper wires that are encased in a protective sheath.

The most common type of Ethernet cable is called Category 5e (Cat 5e), which supports data transfer rates of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) and has a maximum length of 100 meters (328 feet). Other types of Ethernet cable include Category 6 (Cat 6), which supports data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps and has a maximum length of 55 meters (180 feet), and Category 6a (Cat 6a), which supports data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps and has a maximum length of 100 meters (328 feet).

Ethernet cables come in various lengths and can be pre-made lengths or as bulk cable that can be cut to whatever length. They also come in different colors, with gray being the most common. The connectors on Ethernet cables are typically RJ45 connectors, which are similar in appearance to telephone jacks but slightly larger.

Advantages of purchasing an ethernet cable

  1. Fast and reliable data transfer: Ethernet cables provide fast and reliable data transfer between devices. They are capable of supporting high data transfer rates, making them ideal for transferring large files, streaming high-quality video, and playing online games.
  2. No interference: Ethernet cables are shielded, which means that they are less prone to interference from other electrical devices or cables. This reduces the risk of signal degradation, resulting in a more stable and reliable connection.
  3. Secure: Ethernet cables are a secure way to connect devices to a network because they are a wired connection. Unlike wireless connections, they are not susceptible to hacking or interference from unauthorized users.
  4. Cost-effective: Ethernet cables are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They can be purchased in pre-made lengths or as bulk cable that can be cut to the desired length, making them a cost-effective option for networking.
  5. Long-distance connectivity: Ethernet cables can be used to establish a connection between devices that are located far apart. With the use of switches, routers, and other networking equipment, Ethernet cables can be used to create a network that spans a large area.

What to consider when buying an ethernet cable

  1. Cable type: Ethernet cables come in different categories, such as Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a, each with different performance specifications. Consider the bandwidth and data transfer rate requirements of your network when choosing the cable type.
  2. Length: Ethernet cables come in various lengths. Ensure that you measure the distance between the devices that need to be connected to determine the required cable length. It is generally recommended to purchase a slightly longer cable than needed to allow for flexibility in device placement.
  3. Cable quality: The quality of the cable affects the signal strength, transmission speed, and durability. Look for cables made with high-quality materials and construction to ensure they can handle the demands of your network.
  4. Connector type: The connector on the Ethernet cable should match the port on your networking equipment. The most common connector type is the RJ45, but there are other connector types such as RJ11 and BNC used for different networking applications.