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Find the perfect external hard drive: Shop for affordable external hard drives online with Dove Computers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Looking for a reliable and convenient way to buy external hard drives online in Kenya? Look no further than Dove Computers! A one-stop-shop for all your storage needs, we offer a range of brands and storage capacities to suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking to back up important files, store your music and videos, or expand your gaming library, we’ve got you covered. Shop with us today and enjoy fast, secure delivery and unbeatable prices on the latest and greatest external hard drives!

External hard drives are storage devices that are connected to a computer or other electronic device through a cable or wireless connection. They provide additional storage space for users, enabling them to store large amounts of data, including documents, photos, videos, music, and other files. We offer you external hard drives for the best price in Nairobi, Kenya.

External hard drives are available in a range of sizes and capacities, from small portable hard drives that can fit in a pocket or purse to larger desktop models that require an external power source. The capacity of an external hard drive typically ranges from a few hundred gigabytes to several terabytes. They can be connected to a computer using a variety of ports, including USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire. Some drives may also support wireless connectivity, allowing them to be accessed over a Wi-Fi network.

Most external hard drives are designed to be plug-and-play, meaning that they can be easily connected to a computer without the need for additional software installation. Once connected, the drive will appear as a separate storage device in the computer’s file manager, allowing users to easily copy, move, and delete files.

External Hard Drives for laptop

External hard drives are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and can be easily formatted to work with either one. There are several types of external hard drives for laptop. This includes: External Hard Drive for Mac, External Hard Drive for PC and External Hard Drive for Gaming.

External Hard Drive for Mac

External hard drives for Mac computers are designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s operating system, macOS. They typically come with a pre-formatted file system, such as Hierarchal File System Plus (HFS+) or Apple File System (APFS), that is compatible with Mac computers. Our best selling External Hard Drive for Mac is the Western Digital My Book 8TB which is very suitable for a Mac computer. The My Book 8TB offers a large amount of storage space, making it a good choice for users who need to store large amounts of data such as photos, videos, and music. It also has fast transfer speeds thanks to its USB 3.0 interface.

External Hard Drive for PC

External hard drives for PCs are designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Windows operating systems. They typically come pre-formatted with the New Technology File System (NTFS), which is compatible with Windows. We offer you the most compatible external hard drive for PC from top renowned brand Seagate. Seagate Portable 2TB is the best external hard drive for PC.

External Hard Drive for Gaming

External hard drives for gaming are portable storage devices that provide additional storage capacity for gamers who require more space to store their game files, saved games, and other related data. These hard drives are designed to be compatible with gaming systems, including consoles and PCs, and they come in various sizes and storage capacities. The most reliable external hard drive for gaming would be from world renowned brand Western Digital My passport ranging from 1TB to 5TB. We are your number one supplier for Western Digital External Hard Drives in Kenya all at an affordable price.

Advantages of purchasing external hard drives

  • Data backup: External hard drives are a popular backup solution, enabling users to make copies of important files and store them in a separate location. This can help protect against data loss in the event of a computer crash, theft, or any other disaster.
  • Portable storage: Small portable drives are convenient for users who need to carry their files with them on the go. They can be used to store documents, music, photos, and other files, and can be easily transferred between computers.
  • Media storage: External hard drives with large capacities are ideal for storing large media files, such as videos and high-resolution photos. This can help free up space on a computer’s internal hard drive and improve performance.
  • File sharing: External hard drives can be used to share files between multiple computers or users. This is particularly useful for businesses or organizations that need to share large files or collaborate on projects.

Some external hard drives may also come with additional features, such as encryption or backup software, that can help protect data and simplify the backup process. Encryption can help ensure that data is kept secure in the event that the drive is lost or stolen, while backup software can automate the backup process and make it easier for users to restore their files in the event of a disaster.

What to consider when buying External Hard Drives

What to think about when shopping for external hard drives includes speed, capacity, and interface. Consumer HDDs have two rotational speeds: 5400 or 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm). Models with 7200 rpm platters are faster, but draw more power from host computers. If you’re looking for a portable drive to back up essential files, you can pick an External Hard Drive 1TB of storage capacity. Portable and desktop units with up to 4TB capacity are suitable for system backups. For media servers and gaming computers, consider models with 6TB or more of storage capacity.

USB is the more common connectivity interface used by external HDDs and SSDs. Look for a unit with a USB 3.0 port or later. This is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. A USB 3.1 port is twice as fast as a USB 3.0. Desktop external HDDs may also have eSATA, FireWire, and Thunderbolt ports. The fastest of these is Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt 3 ports are two to four times faster than USB 3.1 ports, and use USB-C connectors.

Overall, external hard drives are a versatile and convenient storage solution that can help users manage their data and keep it safe.

We also offer other external hard drives from brands such as Transcend, Toshiba, Western Digital. With a range in storage and variety from Transcend 1TB External Hard Drive, Transcend 1TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive, Transcend 1TB Hard Drive for Laptops, Toshiba 2TB External Hard Drive and so much more.

With a range of sizes, capacities, and features to choose from. At Dove Computers there is an external hard drive to suit the needs of any user.