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Wondering, where to buy computer accessories in Nairobi, Kenya?

Looking for affordable computer accessories in Kenya well look no further than Dove Computers. Computer accessories refer to all the additional items or devices that can be connected or used alongside a computer system to enhance its functionality and usability. We stock high-quality, affordable and a wide range of pc accessories ranging from computer cables, desktop accessories, drives, and storage devices to keyboards and mice, computer speakers, headphones, UPS and UPS Batteries, webcams, and blowers.

As a reputable computer accessories shop in Nairobi, Dove Computers promises to deliver exceptional customer experiences to all our online shop visitors by availing a wide selection of your favorite pc accessories from all the leading brands. Our products are covered by warranty as stated for each product, whether bought by physically visiting our shop or online from our online shop.

Types of Computer accessories

  1. Keyboard: An input device that allows users to type or input data into a computer.
  2. Mouse: An input device that enables users to navigate and interact with the graphical user interface of a computer system.
  3. Speakers: An output device that allows users to hear sound or audio from their computer system.
  4. Monitor: An output device that displays visual images or data from a computer system.
  5. Printer: A peripheral device that allows users to produce physical copies of digital documents or images.
  6. Webcam: A device that allows users to capture video and audio for online communication or recording purposes.
  7. External hard drive: An additional storage device that can be connected to a computer system to store files, documents, or other data.
  8. Headset: A combination of headphones and a microphone used for communication or recording purposes.
  9. USB hub: A device that allows multiple USB devices to be connected to a single USB port on a computer system.
  10. Surge protector: A device that protects computer equipment from electrical surges or spikes.

Advantages of purchasing computer accessories

  1. Improved functionality: Computer accessories can enhance the functionality of your computer system.
    2. Increased productivity: By having the right accessories, you can work more efficiently and productively.
    3. Customization: Computer accessories allow you to customize your computer system to meet your specific needs.
    4. Better performance: Some accessories can improve the performance of your computer system. For example, adding more RAM or a faster hard drive can improve the speed and responsiveness of your computer.
    5. Cost-effective: Many computer accessories are relatively inexpensive and can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your computer system. Instead of purchasing a brand-new computer, adding an accessory can help you get the functionality you need at a lower cost.

How to choose computer accessories for your needs

Choosing an accessory for your computer or computer systems depends not only on your needs but also on several other things, some of which are explained below.

  1.   Understand your system parameters versus the requirements of the accessory you want to buy. For example, does the operating system your computer is running support the computer accessory you want to buy? How about the hardware? Etc.
  2.   Understand your budget. PC accessories come in many model numbers and with different features that cost differently. If you need just the basic features and you are on a tight budget, you’d rather get a cheap model to serve the day.
  3.   Consider future needs. Will you be using this accessory in the future and will the features serve you better? If, for example, you want to buy a webcam now for use in video conversations with your family, consider the possibility of it being necessary for future business video conferencing needs. That way, you will know how to choose a webcam that fits all occasions.

Shopping online for PC accessories is now easier than ever before. Browse our list of products, make a choice, and load your cart. Go ahead and complete your order and we will deliver it to your doorstep within 24hrs. Dove Computers is your go-to computer accessories shop in Nairobi.

Visit our shop located at the address below or call 0726032320 to make your order:

Revlon Professional Plaza

Biashara Street /Tubman Road

Lower ground Floor

Suite 2