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Shop for the latest Computer Parts & Components.
Machines including electrical machines are always subjected to break down with extensive usage. Ensure long life and durability for your electronic gadgets like computers, refrigerators, laptops, and others with help of genuine components brought online at great prices at Dove Computers Shop Nairobi. Login to and browse through the huge collection of components available from a range of reputed brands like Samsung, Raspberry Pi, Corsair, Kingston and more.
A Huge Variety of Components Available Online at
Boost up the performance of your electronic devices like computers and laptops with help of the right component. The perfectly matching component not just increase the efficiency of your gadget, but makes it highly durable and long lasting. Check out the wide range of different kind of components available at
Barebones and Motherboards
Barebones and motherboards are very important components essential for the perfect and efficient functioning of your computers and laptops. Buy high-quality motherboards and barebones at great prices at  from reputed brands like Raspberry Pi, Generic, Zebronics, Asus and more.
Graphics Cards and Memory
Graphics cards are highly essential when you love to enjoy high-intensity games on your PC or laptop. With the right graphic card complimenting your system, you are assured with updated gaming prowess of your computer along with eye-catching graphics to enjoy.
On the other hand, if you want to enjoy more games, apps, movies, songs and more without hindrance, upgrade the memory of your laptop or computer for uninterrupted memory usage, with help of memory units available from brands like Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk and others.
Internal Computer Components
A computer is useless without the inclusion of right components. If you are looking for upgrading or fixing your desktop computer, equip yourself with the right internal computer components like internal hard drives, internal memory card readers, internal sound cards, internal ZIP drives, internal optical drives and more. Buy them online at discounted prices at  from trusted brands like Samsung, Generic, Asus, Technotech, and others.
Apart from the above-mentioned components, there is a huge range of other essential components available at affordable prices at  including processors, network interface cards, power supplies, fans and cooling and more. Shop at  and enjoy the amazing shopping experience with feasible payment options and easy return policy.