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Logitech Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard K780

Logitech Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard K780

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Key Features

Type Feeling: Laptop like keys

Layout Size: Compact

Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB unifying centre

Power: 24 months

Multi-device pairing: Upto 3 devices


Pay with

Product specifications

Where to buy Logitech Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard K780 at the best price in Nairobi Kenya

Meet Logitech Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard K780, a compact keyboard that’s designed for today’s multi-tasking era. Compatible with up to three devices, you can switch typing between your phone, tablet, and computer in one easy flow. Durable and compact, it’s also a space-saver that can withstand hours and hours of comfortable use. Connect up to three devices and switch between them. Easy-Switch lets you type on your laptop or computer, and then keep typing on your phone or tablet—all with the touch of a button. Unlock more customizations with Logitech Options Software that lets you customize keys, create hotkey shortcuts or check the battery level. The following is a YouTube review video for Logitech Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard K780

Specs, Features and Best Price for Logitech Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard K780 in Nairobi Kenya

Comfortable Typing

Perfect Stroke keys are carefully crafted to provide a fluid and ultra-precise typing experience – with a responsiveness you feel, but don’t hear. The round key design matches the shape of your fingertips, for a soft and comfortable typing feeling.

Flexible and Compatible

Connect the way you want. K780 can be swiftly paired via Bluetooth® wireless technology or the Unifying USB receiver. Compatible with Windows®, Chrome OS™, macOS®, Android, iOS® and iPadOS® -it even maps keys and shortcuts to your preferred operating system, so you can easily flow from one device to another.


K780 is built with the same high quality and reliability standards that have made Logitech the global leader for mice and keyboards Up to 24 months of battery life4 eliminates the hassle of frequent battery changes, with a handy on/off switch and power-saving technology that preserve battery life.