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300Mbps speeds, 600ft range..
The AP’s feature the latest in WiFi 802.11n MIMO technology.
All accessories are included to mount the devices either on the wall or ceilings. Also included is Power Over Ethernet (POE) functionality which allows both power and data to be carried over a single Ethernet cable to the device.


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Product specifications

Wireless Uplinks:
Supports wireless uplink, each wired AP can have up to 4 downlinks
Allows runtime change of network topology
Allows wireless adoption of 2.0.0 APs in default state
Rate Limiting:
Ability to limit the upload / download speed per WLAN. Ability to override it per user.
Allow different rate-limiting for different hotspot packages (in official release)
L3 Management:
Allows the controller to run in a different subnet
Allows no-touch AP provisioning by using DHCP Option 43 or DNS
Provides UniFi Discovery utility to make local AP to inform back to the controller in NOC or Cloud
HotSpot Billing and Customization.
Built-in support for billing integration (Paypal) accepting major credit cards and paypal
Built-in support for voucher-base authentication
Built-in hotspot manager for voucher creation, guest management, payment refund
Allows full customization of portal pages
Other Enhancements/Bug fixes:
Proper TX Power control allowing customized TX-power setting. We’ll always show EIRP
Allow setting of WPA1-Only / WPA2-Only, TKIP / CCMP(AES)
Google Map integration (you can use Google Map in the Map view)
Email notification for alerts
Bonjour support: in additional to UPnP, UniFi controller will announce its presence (so you don’t have to remember the IP of the controller)
Shows “Managed by Other” for APs that were managed by old controller. An “advanced adoption” option is added to allow take-over.
Controller will check for port availability and display error messages during start up
WPA passphrase now accepting all printable characters (including space at begin / end)