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Xiaomi 10000mAH 18W Fast Charger Power Bank 3

Xiaomi 10000mAH 18W Fast Charger Power Bank 3

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Key Features:

Item Weight 8.6 ounces (243.81 grams)
Usage Mobile phones and tablets
Batteries  10,000 mAh
Color Black, Silver
Brand Xiaomi
Number of outputs 2
Voltage 5.0V2.1A / 9V2.1A / 12V1.5A (18W MAX)
Dimensions 147.8 x 73.9 x 15.3 mm


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Product specifications

Xiaomi 10000mAH 18W Fast Charger Power Bank 3 Description:

Time is money and running out of battery on your phone is a problem. To help you in your day-to-day life, you should have Xiaomi 10000mAH 18W Fast Charger Power bank 3 a high-quality and powerful Power Bank.

You Can Charge Two Devices at Once

Our world is getting faster and faster. And we know you’re in for a vibrant and adventurous few days. That’s why Xiaomi brought you  Xiaomi 10000mAH 18W Fast Charger Power bank 3 which was created for the most adventurous. This model was created with  dual power output, consisting of a USB-A port and a high-quality USB-C port. You will be able to charge your electronic devices without any problem, having a maximum power of 18W. You can easily charge your devices as this model comes with the latest fast charging technology. This model is developed by Xiaomi, one of the most powerful brands in the world and allows you to have your world connected easily.

In addition, when the new Power Bank is not charging, you can press the power check button twice to enter low current discharge mode to charge small devices such as Bluetooth headphones and smart bands. This is very useful if you’re in a hurry and forgot to charge your portable battery the night before. Approximately, the performance of the power bank will manage to charge a mobile device in 3.5 hours if we make use of a USB port, charging two devices simultaneously in 5.5 hours.

Great Resistance and Design

The  Power bank 3 offers you the best capabilities so you can enjoy everything  an incredible way. This model is  one of the most powerful you can find today, and also one of the most beautiful. In its design, we can find four LEDs. You will be able to see the remaining battery in your portable battery at all times. These LEDs will flash to reflect the percentage of battery power left. It is made of aluminum alloy and it is highly resistant to sudden temperature changes, short-circuits and hardware overheating . A Power Bank with these features guarantees to endure any day or adventure with the full battery.