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Lenovo All In One V130 Celeron J4024

Lenovo All In One V130 Celeron J4024

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Key Features

Processor: Intel Celeron J4025

Operating System: Windows

RAM: 4 GB upgradable up to 8 GB DDR4

Storage: 1 TB

Graphics Card: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 605

Camera: 720p

Ports Bottom: USB 3.1 Gen 1; USB 2.0; 3-in-1 SD card reader; headphone and mic audio jack

Ports Rear: USB 3.1 GEN 1; 3 x USB 2.0; HDMI out; LAN; AC power jack

Screen: 19.5-inch


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Product specifications

Where to buy Lenovo All In One V130 Celeron J4024 at the best price in Nairobi Kenya

The Lenovo All In One V130 Celeron J4024 4GB/ 1TB/DOS/19.5″ Desktop is your reliable go-to desktop computer for small tasks at the office, home and at your business. It is now available for the best price only at Dove Computers. This desktop features a 4GB RAM for smooth functionality of your computer. It also comes with a 1TB storage to store your data securely no matter how bulky.

What is more, it has a 720p camera for video conferencing to keep you connected to the meetings at work whenever you are working from home. Below is a YouTube review video for Lenovo All In One V130 Celeron J4024 4GB/ 1TB/DOS/19.5″ Desktop.

Specifications, Features and Best Price For Lenovo All In One V130 Celeron J4024 in Nairobi Kenya.


Boasting the latest generation of powerful Intel® processors and performance-enhancing memory, the Lenovo V130 AIO means business. Fast, responsive, and reliable as standard, it has the option of high-speed PCIe solid-state drives, enabling you to switch between apps and handle large files, images, and video with ease.


Thanks to Lenovo Vision Guard Control, the V130 AIO’s antiglare display significantly reduces the blue light emissions that can lead to eye strain or damage. In addition, the 19.5’’ screen is also certified to be ultra-quiet and extremely energy efficient, meaning a more tranquil working environment and lower utility bills too.


Engineered to adapt to your needs, the V130 AIO can tilt up to 65 degrees. So finding the perfect angle to work or watch a movie is a breeze, as is accessing the machines’ various ports. What’s more, the thin-bezel design keeps your focus on the display without adding any distraction.

The V130 AIO comes with Smart USB Protection. This BIOS-based security feature lets you configure the USB ports to respond only to designated USB devices, so you can restrict who can transfer data. To physically secure your PC, there’s a built-in slot for a Kensington cable lock. 

Reclaim your desk

Stylish and sleek, the V130 AIO has a convenient cable holder in the rear to keep your desk free from tangled wires. Ideal for those who enjoy a clean, tidy workspace.

It pays to be well connected

Thanks to integrated webcam and speakers, the V130 AIO makes conference calls a breeze. And with multiple ports in the rear and under the display, you can easily hook up your other computing and electronic devices.

Built to last

Each V130 AIO undergoes stringent reliability and durability tests. This includes the ability to perform in cold, warm, or dusty environments, and at high or low altitude. It can also handle everyday bumps and knocks, weather repetitive shocks, and can even survive the Package Drop Test




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