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Atlas CC2040 Cross Cut Shredder

Atlas CC2040 Cross Cut Shredder

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Key Features

  • Shreds up to 20 sheets.
  • Shred size: 4 x 44mm
  • Also shreds Credit Cards & CDs/DVDs
  • Shred width opening: 220mm (A4)
  • Bin size: 33 litres
  • Security level: 4
  • Model: CC2040
  • Brand: Atlas
  • Ref: AS-S2-CC2040


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Product specifications

Where To Buy Atlas CC2040 Cross Cut Shredder At The Best Price In Nairobi Kenya.

The Atlas CC2040 Cross Cut Shredder securely shreds confidential documents and Credit Cards. This is done quietly and fast. Below is a video that shows how Atlas CC2040 Cross Cut Shredder works.

Specifications, Features and Best Price for Atlas CC2040 Cross Cut Shredder At Dove Computers in Kenya.

The following are specifications and features for Atlas CC2040 Shredder in Nairobi Kenya.

  • Auto Start/Stop/Reverse Functions.
  • Securely shreds confidential documents and Credit Cards
  • Quiet and Fast Shredding
  • Shredding Capacity: 20 Sheets
  • Shred Type: Cross Cut
  • Shred Size: 4 x 44 mm
  • Overheat protection
  • Bin Capacity: 33 Liters
  • Gross Weight: 17.4 KG

Auto Start/Stop/ Reverse Functions

The auto start, stop or reverse functions helps you to enjoy maximum functionality of your Atlas CC2040 paper shredder. This helps you to stop shredding mid way and/or reverse the shredding process.

Securely Shreds Confidential Documents and Credit Cards

The secure shredding of confidential documents gives you peace of mind if you wish to keep the documents secret. Also, this paper shredder is efficient when it comes to shredding of credit cards to keep your finances secure and within no reach of unauthorized persons.

Quiet and Fast Shredding

Say good bye to rickety noises at the office with the all silent Atlas CC2040 with a capability of shredding numerous sheets of paper within no time.

Rollers For Mobility

The Atlas CC2040 paper shredder comes with rollers that come in handy when moving the shredder across the hallway or in the office. This will help lessen the energy required to move the 17kg shredder from point to point.

13 Liter Bin

With a bin so big you will need no frequent visits to the office bin to empty the shredded paper.

Overheat Protection

The Atlas CC2040 paper shredder can print for 30 minutes non stop without interruption and with no fear of overheating.

Buy the Atlas CC2040 paper shredder at the best price in Nairobi Kenya only at Dove Computers.