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airfiber 5x

airfiber 5x

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Range: up to 124 mi (200 km)
Up to 500+ Mbps Real Throughput
Full Band Certification including DFS
Operates using the 5 GHz Band


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Product specifications

The airFiber 5X is designed for long-range point-to-point backhaul links. It features the highest TDD throughput available on the market. Building upon the proven design of the airMax Rocket system, airFiber 5X allows customizable airFiber backhaul links or upgrade existing Rocket PtP links. The first airFiber 5X model is the AF-5X model for use in the 5GHz frequency.
It features industry leading 10.6bps/Hz spectral efficiency, covering the entire 5GHz spectrum with one radio.