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Epson ERC-38 Black Cartridge Ribbon

Epson ERC-38 Black Cartridge Ribbon

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Product specifications

Are you looking for Epson ribbons are perfect for your POS impact printers.

Genuine Epson ERC-38 cartridge ribbons have been manufactured to exact specifications to ensure you get the quality and reliability you need.
The genuine black Epson C43S015374 fabric ribbon works flawlessly in selected Epson EPOS terminals/impact printers
The ERC-38B ink ribbon is made from a continuous loop of high strength fabric that can withstand working in demanding environments and minimizes wear and tear on your printhead.
The Epson ERC38 fabric ribbon prints crisp black text with excellent character definition and true Epson print quality brings you superior output.
The black Epson S015374 printer ribbon is ideal for printing customer receipts or kitchen orders and delivers unbeatably fast throughput.

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer Part Number,C43S015374, S015374, ERC38B, ERC-38B, ERC38
  • Color, Black
  • Capacity, 0.25kgs
  • Duty Cycle, Up to 3 million characters
  • Product Type, Ribbon
  • Brand, Epson
  • Each Ribbon is individually sealed in a box

This Epson Brand ERC-38 Ribbon Fits The Following Impact Printers:

  • NCR 7455 Anker Data Systems 40.0068, 40.2064
  • BMC International CR280
  • Datamega DPN-2700, Datamega TM-U370, Datamega TM-U375
  • EPSON ERC30, Epson ERC34, Epson ERC38, Epson ITU200D, Epson 270, Epson 300D, Epson M133A, Epson M17-JB, Epson M119, Epson M119B, Epson M188B, Epson M270, Epson M280, Epson M52-JB, Epson TM-267 II, Epson TM-270, Epson TM-300A, Epson TM-300C, Epson TM-300D, Epson TM-U200B, Epson TM-U200D, Epson TM-U210B, Epson TM-U220, Epson TM-U230, Epson TM-U300, Epson TM-U325, Epson TM-U370, Epson TM-U375
  • Kingtron CL Series
  • MICROS 1200W, Micros 1300W MAIN, Micros 1320W MAIN, Micros 1370W MAIN, Micros 1390W MAIN, Micros 1700 MAIN, Micros 2415W MAIN, Micros 2700, Micros 400-344 MAIN, Micros 4000W, Micros 4300-395 MAIN, Micros TM-300D, Micros TM-U200B, Micros TM-U200D, Micros TM-U210B, Micros TM-U300, Micros TM-U325, Micros TM-U370, Micros TM-U375
  • Nikko NK-400
  • Norand 4810
  • Omni TM300, Omni TMU200, Omni TMU375
  • POS-X XR200 impact receipt printer
  • POS-X EVO Impact printer
  • Panasonic JS-7000 MAIN, Panasonic JS-7500 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-8000 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-9000,
  • Panasonic PM300, Panasonic PM308
  • Samsung SRP270
  • Sanyo/Check-a-Tron 590, 595
  • Sharp ER-2975, ER-3210
  • Siemens 70 BEETLE PRINTER, BEETLE 70
  • TEC RE-2000, TEC RE-2500, TEC RE-3000, TEC RE-3500
  • Towa/TCA/Konic ET 1420, Towa RI

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