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Genuine Black Epson ERC-27 Fabric Ribbon - (C43S015366)

Genuine Black Epson ERC-27 Fabric Ribbon – (C43S015366)

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Save Money On Your Epson ERC27 Ribbons when you buy from Dove Computers.

The genuine black Epson C43S015366 fabric ribbon is also known as the Epson ERC-27 ribbon. Designed specifically for dot-matrix / point-of-sales printers this original black Epson C43S015366 fabric ribbon gives you professional quality print output at a price you can afford.
Get excellent character definition and sharp black print quality from this dependable Epson ERC27 ink ribbon. The ERC-27B ribbon is made from high strength components and is a dependable cartridge that delivers page after page of high performance even in the most demanding environments.
The ribbon is easy to install and provides long-lasting operation for up to 750,000 characters.

This Epson Brand ERC-27 Ribbon Fits The Following Impact Printers:

  • Anker Data Systems ADS14, ADS44
  • Casio SA 1010, SP1000, SP1010, SP1100
  • Datacap 4000, 4500, 4600, 4800
  • Datacap Slip Printer
  • Datamega DPN2910
  • Datatrol 440, 490
  • Epson 290, 290 II, CTM290, CTM390, ERC-27, M12-PA, M290, M290 II, TM290, TM290 II, TM-295, TM-U295, M66-SA
  • IPC PRT 290-11
  • MICROS 1700/2400/2700,4700 (Slip printer for Hard/Guest Checks)
  • NCR 5100 WORKSTATION, 7445 K-520-V001
  • Omron SP 50
  • Panasonic JS-7000
  • TEC DRS207, MA1530, MA1535
  • Teknika G3200, G3800, G3810, G3840, G5800, G5840, GS400, GS800
  • Uniwell TP620
  • Verifone P150