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Huawei power bank 20000mAh (18w)

Huawei power bank 20000mAh (18w)

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  • Power bank with 20,000 mAh.
  • Two USB output ports.
  • LED display.
  • Elegant design
  • Includes micro USB cable.

KSh4,999 KSh5,500

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Product specifications

Huawei power bank 10000mAh (18w) price in Kenya

Huawei power bank 10000mAh (18w) for sale in Kenya

18W HUAWEI Quick Charge & Universal Compatibility

The Huawei power bank 20000mAh (18w) power bank supports 9V2A 18W HUAWEI Quick Charge input and output, as well as 5V2A, 5V1A and trickle charging, to support fast charging for the Huawei Mate series, P series, other mainstream mobile phones and tablets.

Dual USB-A Output Ports

The Huawei power bank 20000mAh (18w) power bank has 2 USB-A output ports, and the total output power is 5V3.4A. Just share the power with your family and friends while hanging out.

20000mAh High Capacity Battery

No matter when you are hanging out with your friends, travelling or going outdoors, this Huawei  20000mAh (18w) power bank could satisfy the needs of charging all your devices.

Trickle Charging Mode

Double press the power button to turn on the trickle charging mode, after that, you are able to charge your Bluetooth devices, such as wireless earphones and smart wristbands.

Premium Quality Lithium Polymer Battery

HUAWEI Power Bank 20000mAh adopts premium quality lithium polymer battery for better safety protection.


KSh4,999 KSh5,500