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TechnoWare Ups 800Va

TechnoWare Ups 800Va

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  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION ► Against power cut, voltage surges and electromagnetic interference. Autonomy up to 20 minutes (800 VA power).
  • GUARANTEED PROTECTION ► For Windows PC, DVR, Wi-Fi ADSL / Fiber Modem, Cash Register. Its use with devices equipped with an active PFC power supply is not recommended (Server, PC game, Video Game Console, Workstation, Mac Computer), lamps and electric motors for which the TechnoWare EXA Plus line is recommended.
  • INTERNAL VOLTAGE STABILIZER ► Tecnoware’s AVR Plus technology constantly stabilizes the output voltage, protecting every connected device from mains fluctuations and limiting the risk of overload, short circuit or overheating.
  • READY TO USE ► Through the 6 SCHUKO output sockets and the long Input cable with SCHUKO plug, anyone is able to install the UPS in complete safety and in less than a minute. Overall dimensions: L 30.5 x D 16 x H 9.5 cm.
  • ABSOLUTE SILENCE ► No noise or rustle, this UPS can be installed in any home or office environment.
  • PC MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ► This UPS is equipped with Tecnomanager software (for Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux) which allows you to set and monitor each functional parameter of the UPS and to set the Switch Off options of the PC within the limits autonomy of the UPS. Furthermore, with Tecnomanager it is possible to program the scheduled switching on and off of the UPS and connected devices.

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Product specifications

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UPS TechnoWare 800va specifications

The TechnoWare Ups 800Va typically works in Normal mode: Input mains power is available and its amplitude is within specifications.
In Normal mode the LINE/BATTERY button/led is always on.
During Normal mode, the UPS recharges the batteries and keeps them in an optimal charging voltage.

TechnoWare ups battery

The UPS automatically runs in Battery mode if the AC Input Line voltage amplitude gets out of security limits (in
case of a black-out or over-voltage/low-voltage): in this case, the UPS supplies the required output power by its
internal battery and by the Inverter block.
The UPS automatically returns in Normal mode a few seconds after the AC Input Line is recovered.
In Battery mode the UPS emits an acoustic alarm signal every 10 seconds and simultaneously the LINE/BATTERY
button/led flashes.

Low Battery and Automatic Restart

In Battery mode, ERA PLUS indicates the Low Battery condition whenever the battery reaches a charge level
allowing connected devices to operate for approximately one more minute.
During Low Battery condition the UPS emits an acoustic alarm signal every second and simultaneously the
LINE/BATTERY button/led flashes.
If AC Input does not come back on within few minutes, the UPS shuts-down automatically thus preventing the
batteries from discharging excessively; the UPS stops supplying Output power, deactivates control panel indication
and goes to a waiting state. Once AC Input comes back on, the UPS restarts automatically and after some seconds
it goes back to work in Normal mode.
After a complete discharge, the UPS needs 4 hours to recharge completely the batteries. The UPS recharges
batteries automatically if it works in Normal mode or if it is off and connected to the AC Input Line.



KSh11,500 KSh12,000