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TP-LINK Powerline 4220

TP-LINK Powerline 4220

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  • Wi-Fi Clone Button simplifies your Wi-Fi configuration and builds a seamless unified home network
  • Extends 300Mbps wireless connections to previously hard-to-reach areas of your home and office
  • Provides up to 600Mbps high-speed data transmission over a home’s existing electrical wiring
  • Ideal for lag-free HD or 3D video streaming and online gaming

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Product specifications

TP-LINK Powerline 4220

Wired or Wireless? Why not Both!
Meet an Excellent Home Network Solution

TP-LINK Powerline 4220 300Mbps AV600 Wi-Fi Powerline
Extender Starter Kit


Wi-Fi Auto-Sync for Unified Wi-Fi Network**

Wi-Fi Auto-Sync creates a simple, intuitive powerline experience. Pressing the Wi-Fi Clone button instantly copies your network name and password from your router for easy setup. Wi-Fi Move automatically applies any settings changes across the network. Your existing Wi-Fi settings will be synchronized to the new extender automatically.

Extend Your Powerline Network to Any Room*

Based on the Powerline technology, your network extension is never limited to the primary coverage of your router. With advanced HomePlug AV2, TL-WPA4220 KIT is perfect for delivering ultra-fast data transfer speed and brings the network to anywhere there is a power outlet.

TP-LINK Powerline 4220: Plug, Pair, and Play!

Plug the TL-PA4010 in the wall and connect it to the router with an Ethernet cable.*** Then plug the TP-LINK Powerline 4220 into any desired power outlet.

Press the ‘Pair’ buttons on both adapters to create a secure network.
There you go! Just enjoy the seamless, high-speed wired and wireless network.

* Powerline adapters need to be connected to the same electrical circuit.

Powerline Management on Your Smartphone

The tpPLC Utility and tpPLC app make it easy to control wireless network settings, set schedules for Wi-Fi availability, and even control the LED indicators on your adapters from any iOS or Android device. You can download the tpPLC app for iOS and Android devices. You can download the intuitive new tpPLC Utility for your PC at

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Product description

TP-LINK AV600 Powerline Wi-Fi Kit TP-LINK Powerline 4220 KIT extends your Internet connection to every room of the house through your home’s existing electrical circuitry. After pressing the button, you can place the powerline adapter anywhere and enjoy seamless networking across your entire home or office.

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TP-LINK Powerline 4220: Technical Details

TP-LINK Powerline 4220: Additional Information

KSh7,500 KSh8,500