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VFD 8000 Pole Display

VFD 8000 Pole Display

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Product specifications

Are you looking for a customer display to provide your customers clear, easy-to-read information at the POS?

Pole displays are the most common type of customer display due to their space saving sizes, adjustable heights, and bright displays. Whether you’re displaying individual product prices or advertisements, our Pole Display VFD 8000 ensures you provide your customers clear, easy-to-read information at the POS.

Product Description

  • FD 8000 pos machine 2lines pole display /customer display
  • Clear, easy-to-read VFD
  • ESC/POS command 100% compatible
  • 2×20 VFD customer display
  • Interface: RS232 ( 9-pin, Female )
  • Baud rate: 9600 bps
  • Support 13 countries’ languages
  • The pole height is adjustable per customer’s need

Technical Specification

Model name VFD8000
Display method Vaccum Fluorescent Display(Blue-green)
Number of Characters 40(20 columnsX2lines)
Brightness 500-1000 cd/m2
Character font 5*7 dot matrix
Character type 95 Alphanumeric,32 international character
Character Size 5.5(H)*9.2(W)mm
Dot size(X*Y) 0.86*1.2mm
Download characters 9 characters
Panel dimension 220(W)*45(D)*125(H)mm
Pole dimension Per support length:140(L)*34.5(Dia)mm
Base dimension 205(W)*106(D)*33(H)mm
Viewing angle Max 90
Horizontal Rotation Max.355
Weight 980g
Command Mode Ld220,Epson posd1011,Aedex,Utc/s,Utc/p,Adm788,Dsp800,CD5220,Emax,logic control
Language support France,Germany,UK,Denmarki,Sweden,Italy,Spain,Japan,Norway,DenmarkII, Slavonic,Russia,portuguese,Canadian French,Nordic,Turkish,Greek,         West European Latin
interface USB
Baud rate

Direct connection 9600 or 19200bps


30000 hrs
Power 5-24VDC

Dove Computers is the answer to many of our customers tired of figuring out where to find their IT solutions. Save yourself the time and order VFD 8000 pole display online and have it delivered to your location.
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