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Bill COUNTER (Money Counter Machine)

Bill COUNTER (Money Counter Machine)

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Wondering where to get Bill COUNTER (Money Counter Machine). Buy now online at an affordable price from Dove Computers your online Counter Machine provider.


Counterfeit detection

There are special functions which can detect magnetic and ultraviolet inks from the bills, as all the authentic banknotes have them.
This Counter machine has a general rule, the faster the better. Try and find one of this machine at Dove Computer’s, Nairobi, Kenya. It counts over 1,000 bills per minute.


This machine comes with batch functions which simplify the job of preparing the money for storage or bank deposits.
This money counter have a solid performance, resolving the task with speed and precision. Taking all these elements into consideration is important for you to buy one of this machine today. To help you with that, Dove Computers have decided to make your work easier, no more struggles with wrong figures, fake notes and even wrong payments at some point.


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