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Epson LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printer

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Wondering where to get Epson LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printer. Buy now online at an affordable price from your printers’ provider, Dove Computers.


Epson LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printer has a mean time between failures of 10,000 operating hours, and is ideal for front and back office applications needing continuous paper or multi-part stationery. A very economical printer to run. The LQ-350 helps save money with its high ribbon yield of 2.5 million characters and its low power consumption. Using just 1.3W in sleep mode and 23W when powered on. The LQ-350 is qualified by energy star for its excellent energy efficiency. Easy to integrate, the LQ-350 has Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces as standard, and will fit neatly onto desks thanks to its compact design and cable management system.



With mean time between failures of 10,000 power-on hours, and a print head life of 400 million strokes per wire. this extremely robust printer is suitable for medium and large print volumes. Both features guarantee uninterrupted operation and less maintenance. In turn enhancing your productivity and reducing your total cost of ownership.


Its high print speed of up to 480 cps makes it an ideal solution for high volume applications. For those who demand even higher productivity especially for complex fonts like Arabic, the new unique Epson Print Speed Enhancer accelerates the print speed even further.


Flexible paper management allows insertion at the front, rear and bottom and dual tractor units allow you to load two sizes of paper at the same time, ready for use. The ability to print on 6-part stationery is useful for multi-part forms. With the addition of USB interface, the LQ-2190 also provides flexible stand-alone connectivity.

High ribbon yield

At 15 million characters per ribbon, the LQ-350 also offers a very long ribbon life. The benefits are long ribbon replacement intervals, low running costs and lower total cost of ownership.
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