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Kensington Laptop Lock

Kensington Laptop Lock

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Have you been shopping for Kensington Laptop Lock in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya?

Look no further! At Dove Computers we stock a wide range of products including Kensington Laptop Lock at affordable prices in town.



More people trust Kensington to secure their electronics than any other brand. In fact, Kensington has sold enough locks and cables that when linked they could circle the globe twice! Security is more than just saving your physical device from theft. It also saves you from losing personal information that if it fell into the wrong hands, could cost you  far more than replacing the device.

Kensington quality cannot be compromised.

Other vendors provide security products. Kensington goes a step further – providing simple, holistic security solutions consistently at the forefront of quality, innovation and convenience. Simply put, Kensington products cannot be beat – by criminals or the competition.

Custom Keying Solutions

Kensington recognizes that most businesses operate differently and offers custom solutions that allow users to select the ideal level of IT control over their equipment, while helping employees safeguard against theft and avoid downtime due to misplaced keys.

Key Features.

  • No screws, brackets or glue for installation of this computer lock – no changes to your computer
  • Patented T-bar lock provides most secure connection to security slot
  • Wide range of compatibility–laptops, monitors, and any device with a Kensington security slot – the industry standard
  • Kensington Edge: Steel computer security cable with Kevlar brand fiber for powerful protection that´s 40% stronger.


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