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Logitech Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse G402

Logitech Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse G402

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Key Features 

  • 8 Programmable Buttons

  • On-the-fly DPI switching

  • 32-bit Arm processor

  • 1ms report rate

  • Comfortable design

  • High-speed clicking


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Product specifications

Where to buy Logitech Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse G402 in Nairobi Kenya

The Logitech Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse G402 was created to ramp up  your gaming experience like never before. It is fitted with Logitech’s sophisticated sensor technology for ultra-fast gaming. Hyperion Fury combines an optical sensor featuring Logitech Delta Zero™ technology with our exclusive Fusion Engine™hybrid sensor to enable tracking speeds in excess of 500 IPS. Below is a YouTube video review

Specifications, Features and Price of Logitech Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse G402 in Nairobi Kenya

The following are specifications and features of Logitech Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse G402

8 Programmable Buttons

Customize to fit your style of game play. Customize your mouse with 8 programmable buttons. Whether you want to toss a grenade or quickly access your inventory, it’s at your fingertips. Optional Logitech Gaming Software makes set up easy

On-the-fly DPI switching

4 settings for better control of how you game. Switch through four DPI settings in an instant. Snipe a foe across the map (250 DPI) before fleeing in the blink of an eye (4000 DPI). With on-the-fly DPI switching, you have the flexibility to react to the chaos of battle with precision.

32-bit Arm processor

Smarter than ever. Hyperion Fury on-board ARM processor powers the Fusion Engine for incredible tracking speeds while allowing you to save and play back your favorite macros. With Logitech Gaming Software, craft and assign macros that can be accessed from Hyperion Fury with ease.

1ms report rate

Constant communication. With a 1 millisecond report rate, you can be confident that your movement will be communicated via USB at fast speeds without troublesome lag.

Comfortable design

Maximum comfort for maximum playtime. An update to the classic G400s shape to enhance function and comfort. A combination of lightweight materials and rubber grips will help to ensure that your gaming sessions last as long as possible.

High-speed clicking

Extreme responsiveness gives you the edge. Distinct left and right buttons offer extreme responsiveness. With high-speed clicking, you can push your skills even further while enjoying the edge in intense firefights. Faster, more comfortable clicking makes all the difference with Hyperion Fury.