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Micros TM 1501 Touchscreen Monitor

Micros TM 1501 Touchscreen Monitor

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Wondering where to get Touchscreen Monitor in Nairobi, Kenya?

Micros TM 1501 is now available online at an affordable price from Dove Computers. It is affordable and easy to use. It does more than just process sales and accept payments since it includes time-saving features that help you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory, staff and customers. 15″ Inch Touch Screen LCD Monitor POS stand is perfect In Retail,POS, VOD system, Juke Box and many other hospitality applications. 5-wire capacitive touchscreen and USB touchscreen interface.The touchscreen monitor comes with a metal POS desk stand with hard plastic cover. It is also compatible with other mounting options using the VESA standard hole pattern on the back of the monitor. The sensitive touch screen recognizes touch input from stylus, finger, gloved hand, pen or tool .It’s an exceptional durable touchscreen monitor and an excellent value.


  • High resolution: Support 1024*768 / 1280*1024
  • Apply A grade LCD panel
  • 5/4 touch panel for option with water-proof
  • Lifetime: 50 million touch

Technical Specifications

Model No.


LCD Screen Size 15″
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Resolution 1024×768
Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.297
Active Area(mm) 304.1×228.1
Number of colors 16.2M
Contrast Ratio 700/1
Brightness 250cd/m²
Viewing Angle 150/135
Response Time 8ms
Touch Panel Size 15″
Outside Dimension 247mm×322mm
viewing area 235mm×310mm
Active area 228mm×304mm
Surface Hardness 3H
Optical Clarity 80%↑
Operating Temperature -10C ~60C
Endurance Test strikes Over 10millions
Operating Voltage DC5V
Resistance 200Ω~900Ω
Linearity 1.50%
Faceplate Surface Anti-glare coating,glare coating
Film Thickness 0.175mm, 0.188mm
Glass Thickness 0.7mm, 1.1mm,1.8mm
Operation Pressure 20~150g
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~80 ℃
Message Noise 5m sec ~ 15m sec
Operating Current 5mA~25mA
Humidity <95%
Isolation Resistance 20MΩ↑ @ DC25V
Sealable against dust ,water, oil , static

What’s in the box

  • Touch Screen LCD Monitor
  •  Power Adapter
  •  VGA Signal Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM for Touch Screen Driver

Visit Dove Computers for the most affordable prices in town. Order online today and have you product delivered to a location of your choice.
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