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Tp-Link TL-WA7210N 150mbps Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Tp-Link TL-WA7210N 150mbps Outdoor Wireless Access Point

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Key Features:

  • 12dBi dual-polarized directional antenna boosts wireless range
  • Dedicated power amplifier and low noise amplifier improve radio performance
  • Up to 500mw power for long distance transmission
  • Weatherproof enclosure, 4KV lightning protection, grounding terminal integrated and 15KV ESD protection
  • Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n, wireless speed up to 150Mbps
  • Supports AP Client Router (WISP Client), AP Router and AP operation mode
  • Up to 60 meters (200 feet) of flexible deployment with included passive Power over Ethernet Injector
  • Provides external RP-SMA connector for higher gain antenna upgrade
  • Supports Antenna Alignment, Distance Setting, Ping Watch Dog and Wireless Speed Test

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Product specifications

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High Transmission Capability.

With up to 500mw wireless transmission power and a 12dBi dual-polarized high gain antenna, the TL-WA7210N can produce and pick up a powerful and stable signal for a wireless connection ranging multiple kilometers.

Professional Outdoor.

Design TL-WA7210N features a weatherproof enclosure and special protection against ESD and lightning. It supports passive Power over Ethernet (PoE), making it a versatile outdoor networking solution.

What this product does.

It is dedicated to WISP CPE solutions and long distance wireless network solutions. It features up to 500mw wireless transmission power and has a built-in 12dBi dual-polarized antenna which provides you with an efficient way to pick up and maintain a stable signal for a wireless network connection ranging multiple kilometers or miles.

Multiple applications.

Two TL-WA7210Ns can create a point to point link for a long-distance wireless connection. Plus, the TL-WA7210N can create point to multi-point links for wireless coverage servicing multiple locations.
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