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Protect your electrical appliances from electrical surges by getting surge protectors at an affordable price from Dove Computers

What are surge protectors? A surge protector is a device designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes and surges. These sudden increases in electrical current can damage electronic equipment and cause permanent damage or shorten their lifespan.

Surge protectors typically have multiple electrical outlets and a power cord that plugs into a wall socket or power strip. They work by diverting the excess voltage from a surge away from the connected devices and into a grounding wire, thereby protecting them from damage.

Surge protectors are commonly used to protect computers, televisions, audio equipment, and other electronic devices. They are especially important in areas where power outages and electrical storms are common, as lightning strikes and power surges can cause significant damage to electronic devices.

There are different types of surge protectors available, ranging from basic models with a few outlets to more advanced models with additional features like USB ports, network protection, and coaxial cable protection. Some surge protectors also offer a warranty or insurance policy to protect against damage caused by a power surge.

Why purchase surge protectors?

Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your gear against random power spike damage. Whether you’re just looking to add more outlets, or want to add a layer of protection between your gear and the outside world, you’ll eventually want to buy a surge protector. It acts as the first line of defense to protect your electronic devices from power spikes that can cause harm or permanent damage.
They range from simple power strips to more expensive units with built-in batteries that can weather a power outage. More expensive options tend to come with higher wattage and protection, more outlets and better design to assure that even bulkier items can be plugged in without covering another outlet. Surge protectors are an essential tool for protecting your electronic devices from damage caused by electrical surges and spikes.
Some of the brands we stock include:

Office Point

What to consider when buying surge protectors

  1. Joule Rating: The joule rating indicates the amount of energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails. Look for a surge protector with a high joule rating to ensure that it provides adequate protection for your electronics.
  2. Number of Outlets: Consider the number of outlets you need. Surge protectors are available in a range of sizes, from two outlets to 12 or more. Make sure you choose a surge protector with enough outlets to accommodate all of your devices.
  3. Clamping Voltage: The clamping voltage is the level at which the surge protector begins to divert excess voltage away from your electronics. Look for a surge protector with a low clamping voltage to ensure that your devices are adequately protected.
  4. Response Time: The response time is the time it takes for the surge protector to begin diverting excess voltage away from your electronics.

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