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Looking for genuine UPS at pocket-friendly prices in Nairobi, or elsewhere in Kenya? Dove computers is your one-stop shop for all your UPS products.

A UPS typically consists of a battery backup system, an inverter, and a charger. When the primary power source fails, the UPS immediately switches to battery power, preventing data loss and damage to electronic devices. The battery backup system provides power for a limited time, allowing users to save their work, shut down their devices properly, or switch to a secondary power source.

There are several types of UPS, including online, line-interactive, and standby. Online systems provide continuous power to electronic devices, while line-interactive systems regulate the voltage of the primary power source to prevent voltage fluctuations. Standby systems are the most basic type of UPS and only provide power backup when the primary power source fails.

These devices come in various sizes and capacities, with different voltage and wattage ratings. Some devices are designed for home or small office use, while others are designed for data centers, industrial facilities, or large enterprises. The selection of such a device depends on the power requirements of the devices it needs to protect.

Overall, these devices are essential for protecting electronic devices from power outages and other power quality issues. They provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for preventing data loss and damage to electronic devices.

Types of UPS

  1. Standby UPS: Standby UPS, also known as offline UPS, is the most common type used for personal computers and other small electronic devices. Standby systems switch to battery power when the primary power source fails. These systems are simple and inexpensive but offer minimal power backup time.
  2. Line-interactive: Line-interactive systems are designed for servers, network equipment, and other mid-sized devices. These UPS systems use an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to adjust the voltage of the primary power source, protecting the connected devices from voltage fluctuations. Line-interactive UPS systems also switch to battery power when the primary power source fails.
  1. Online: Online UPS systems are the most advanced and expensive type of UPS used for data centers, industrial facilities, and large enterprises. These systems provide continuous power backup, with no switchover time between the primary power source and battery power. Online systems use a double conversion technology that converts the primary AC power source into DC power, which is then used to charge the battery backup system. The DC power is then converted back into AC power to provide a clean and stable power supply to the connected devices.

What to consider when buying a UPS

  1. Power Requirements: Determine the power requirements of the devices that you want to protect. Calculate the wattage or volt-ampere (VA) rating of the devices and choose a UPS that can handle that load.
  2. Battery Backup Time: Consider the battery backup time that you require. The battery backup time depends on the load that you want to protect and the number of devices connected to the UPS.
  3. Surge Protection: Look for a UPS with surge protection features. Surge protection helps to protect connected devices from power surges and spikes, which can damage or destroy electronic equipment.
  4. Connectivity and Communication: Some models come with USB, Ethernet, or serial ports for connectivity and communication. These ports allow you to monitor the status of the UPS, configure settings, and receive alerts in case of power outages or other issues.
  5. Form Factor and Size: Consider the form factor and size of the UPS. Choose one that fits your available space and is easy to install and use. Some models are designed for rack-mounting, while others are designed for desktop or floor-standing use.

You cannot eliminate blackouts caused by strains on the power grid. However, Uninterruptible Power Supply protects your electronic devices from unsafe voltage fluctuations, and damaging power surges and spikes. It keeps your wireless network, gaming console, and other electronics running and allows for their safe shutdown. Our brands range from APC, Mecer, Digitek, Tech-Com and Eaton
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