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Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

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Key Features

  • 50 AW Suction
  • 1.2kg Lightweight Main Body
  • 45 Min Battery Life
  • 3-Step filtration
  • Multiple brush nozzles


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Product specifications

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

The perfect combination of performance and lightweight design

Simple, efficient cleaning thanks to a combination of lightweight, wireless design and powerful suction power.

1.2 kg lightweight housing – easy to hold and clean

The lightweight housing is made from lightweight, robust materials and a compact motor and battery unit. So you can clean even hard-to-reach areas with just one hand – an unparalleled cleaning experience.

Easier and more comfortable to use

The lightweight case meets all users and is easier to carry. So different tasks can be done more effectively.

  • High speed brushless motor for long lasting performance
  • 50 AW suction power – strong cleaning
  • Lightweight body – 1.2kg user-friendly
  • 45 mins. Battery life: perfect for cleaning even larger houses
  • 3-stage filtration – cleaning in the micrometer range
  • Multiple brush nozzles – all-round cleaning





Brushless high-speed motor – suction power up to 50 AW

Equipped with a high-speed brushless motor for even and efficient suction power.

45 mins. Operating time: one charge is enough for thorough cleaning of a medium to large apartment

With just one charge, the long-lasting lithium battery provides 45 minutes operating time in standard mode for cleaning a medium or large home.

Two power modes – choose the mode that suits your cleaning requirements

Two power modes for different cleaning requirements. For daily cleaning, select standard mode to capture particles of all sizes. Select the MAX mode for thorough cleaning.

3-stage filtration system – 99.98% filtration efficiency

Efficient 3-stage filtration The airflow filter system separates dust from the air. The dust is collected after being passed through an airflow filter, an efficient HEPA filter and a cotton filter. The clean air is pumped back.





Unrestricted mobility thanks to wireless design – thorough cleaning in every corner

Thanks to the wireless design, you can easily go from the bedroom to the living room, study and all other rooms and clean them without any problems. The vacuum cleaner is not only suitable for the floor, but can also be used to clean furniture and corners. This keeps the rooms sparkling blank.

Motorized floor brush – removes dust and dirt from every corner

Integrated separate motor for thorough cleaning of wooden floors and carpets. Gentle cleaning with the super soft brush that will not damage floors or carpets.

The crevice tool reaches to hard-to-reach areas – cleans every angle

Keeps the whole house clean, suitable for cleaning doors, windows, wall and stair corners and other joints

Brush nozzle – a brush for brushing and vacuuming dirt

The brush gently absorbs surface dust, which accelerates vacuuming. It is suitable for cleaning sofas, cabinets and all types of worktops.





Practical wall mount ensures more order and saves space

Thanks to the wall bracket, you save space and can ensure even better order. The vacuum cleaner can be stored in the holder for next use.

Quiet and silent – for a more pleasant cleaning experience

The Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light has a brushless motor that works quietly and efficiently during cleaning and provides a pleasant cleaning experience.

Easy to dispose of dust thanks to removable modules

The dust container can be easily removed for dust disposal and rinses out.

Washable for reuse

The filters are removable and washable. Replace them after completely drying to avoid blockages and odors.

* We recommend replacing the HEPA filter every 2 to 3 months.

In the box contents:

  • Main body
  • Floor body
  • extension rod
  • instructions
  • crevice tool
  • storage dock
  • brush nozzle
  • adapter

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light Unboxing & Hands-on: An all-round package