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About Us

Welcome To Dove Computers Ltd

Dove Computers Genesis

Today’s world is more connected than it has ever been. Cell phones enable us to overcome the distance between friends and family. Whereas, Laptops make it easy to get so many tasks done, even while on the go.
Also, tabs allow us to read books without having to carry around the physical book itself.
Dove Computers is a unique retail company that sells the latest electronic brands.
Domiciled in Nairobi, Kenya, Dove Computers boasts of two stores; one is a brick and mortar store in the Central Business District of Nairobi, and the other is online.
Whichever store you decide to visit, you are sure to get unmatched customer satisfaction, a wide variety of brands and products to choose from, recommendations, and quick delivery. Be sure that you will have plenty of products to choose from.

Our Beginning

Dove Computers was established in 2005 as an indigenous company to offer products in the Information and Communications Technology industry to both the public and private sectors in Kenya.

Dove’s Pride

They say, ‘Profit in business comes from repeated customers; customers that boast about your product and service, to their circle.’ We have humbly been able to earn the loyalty of main-stream tech companies all over Nairobi, Kenya, and East Africa at large.
Dove computers have developed strategic partners/relationships that help deliver optimal IT products and solutions for all our clients in achieving this. We pride ourselves on the services and products we offer and equip our customers with decision-making resources. Such as the “how-to’s” and detailed product information, so that they get nothing but the very best.

Our Products

With the technology changing every waking minute, not only are we keeping up the trendiest tech at your fingertips the smartest choice you could ever make, but it’s a necessity. Dove Computers makes this more comfortable than ever. We update your business and home with Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Hardware, Security, and Softwares.
Also, we provide an extensive range of networked technology services and solutions that serve both the commercial and government sectors in Nairobi, Kenya. From deployment to maintenance, Dove Computers will enhance the effectiveness of ICT resources for your business growth.

Our Passion

At Dove Computers, we believe that follow-ups are a great way to show our passion and commitment by providing exceptional customer service to our clients in Nairobi and Kenya.
Be it via phone, e-mail, or online chat. We ensure your utmost satisfaction. We also believe that there is no traffic jam along the extra mile. That’s why we always strive to go there.

Our Name

Traditionally, the dove started as a messenger company. Our founders selected the word “dove” as the company name to signify their part and still play in the e-commerce world.