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With the current Coronavirus pandemic provoking all manner of restrictions by the government, it’s only logical now to set up your home office. And if you’ve never had an opportunity to work from home, understanding how to go about setting up your home office may be a challenge. Nonetheless, Dove Computers- the leading electronics and computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya is here to lift the stress off your shoulders.
We have detailed here all the tools you need as well as ideas to stay focused as you work from home. Let’s get right in, will we?

  1. Identify what you need

Obviously, you are going to use certain tools to set up your office and you must know which ones will add to your productivity.
First, the basics. These include:

  • A reliable desktop computer or laptop complete with a mouse, webcam, etc.
  • A reliable internet solution
  • A printer
  • An external or portable extra storage
  • Headsets (with noise cancellation technique)

You can get all these from any reliable electronics and computer shop and Dove computers promise the best quality of any of the products that fit the above list. You can browse the items below or watch this short clip to see our featured products and their prices.
Besides, the above, you need a comfortable chair, table and a quiet place with minimal distractions.

  1. Consider the Light

Lighting is important not only for your video calls but it naturally boosts your productivity, especially if it’s more of natural light. Natural light is best known to reduce eyestrain and headaches for people who work for long hours in one place. You can add a plant or two in your dedicated area to boost your mood and productivity.

  1. Don’t your mix Professional with Personal

While working at home, it’s easier to have the two lives mix or jump the boundaries. Try your best to keep your personal life from spilling over to your business life (or vice versa). Mixing the two will lower your productivity and in some cases, for those who keep expenditure records, mix up your data thus complicating it all together.

  1. Have a Way to Keep Time. Try the Pomodoro technique

Look, it’s not easy keeping laser-focus while working at home. Five minutes into your work, you are already getting the temptation to go play your kids or pets or jump onto social media because Mr. Supervisor is not watching.
The Pomodoro technique is a proven method of keeping your productivity at home on an all-time high. Here’s how it works.
Pomodoro Technique

  1. Go wireless with your accessories and avoid clutter

If you have a laptop, monitor, printer, mouse, microphone, and a keyboard, all wired, then your workstation is likely to be cluttered. With all these clutters, you are likely to affect your concentration and creativity.
Going wireless reduces the mess on your home workstation. Get yourself a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless printer, etc. You can simply get all these by visiting an electronics and computer shop around you or call Dover computers on 0792 793 349/0726 032320.
Alternatively, head over to our shop pages for more.
Wrap up
With all these in mind, you are now set to get started with your home office. If you gave any questions on how to get hold of any of the items on this list, reach out to Dove Computers, the leading electronics and computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya for top of the range quality products from all the brands you love. Our products are genuine unless indicated as refurbished.

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